Powering Your Everyday Life… Residential Electrical Services

From the dishwasher and garbage disposal to surround-sound and central air, it’s our modern conveniences that make being at home so great. At Sunset Electric we provide residential electrical services for new construction, home remodels, and basic home electrical upgrades. Our courteous and experienced team of electricians can tackle large projects, such as complete electrical designs for new home builds, as well as small projects, like installing a ceiling fan.


At Sunset Electric our electricians are experts at ‘fishing’ wires through existing walls and ceilings, making electrical upgrades less invasive and costly. Our team can upgrade your old fuse panels to circuit breaker panels. And going even farther, we can add new outlet plugs, light switches, stylish light fixtures, efficient bath fans, and even electric heat. We can modernize your entire home's electrical capabilities.


No matter how big - wiring a brand-new home - or how small - replacing a defective wall switch - our electricians are here to serve you. At Sunset Electric we offer fast and professional service at competitive prices. Contact us for more information about our residential electrical capabilities.